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songs that smell good, part 6

hello there! here we are for the 6th weekly installment of songs that smell good. there are so many songs out there that talk about perfume and i’m having a blast digging through them all!

“when you’re all alone in your lonely room / and there is nothing but the smell of her perfume” – solomon burke, “cry to me”

there is something about the memory of perfume. so many songs that talk about someone’s perfume usually talks about it in a nostalgic, days gone by, lost love sort of way. this is song is no different. the singer is equating losing one’s love and his only lasting memory of her to the smell of her perfume. this points out the power of the sense of smell and how important it is in the people and places most dear to us.

“if praise is like perfume / i’ll lavish mine on you / ’til every drop is gone / i’ll pour my love on you” – craig and dean phillips, “pour my love on you”

the lyrics to this worship song display the preciousness of praising God through song. perfume has historically been expensive and for the wealthy only. this song implies that even if one had precious and expensive perfume, every drop would be used in praise because that is the worth of praising God.

“the time is right / your perfume fills my head” – frank sinatra and nancy sinatra, “something stupid”

this song talks about how enamored a man is for the woman he loves. he is so taken with her throughout the night, everything seems to be going well, and then he “spoils it all” by saying i love you. getting caught up in her perfume adds to the romance of the night and possibly even the reason he can’t help but tell her he’s in love with her, as if he is under a spell.

stay tuned for next week and, as always, if you have any suggestions for songs let me know! these are so fun and i hope you enjoy looking up the songs and listening to them as much as i have fun finding and posting them!


for the ancient egyptians, perfume was luxury



king tutankhamun’s alabaster perfume vase, displayed at the egyptian museum

the perfumes of ancient egypt are not a secret to us. we know what they used and have actual recipes for them. among their favorite fragrances were cinnamon, frankincense, lemongrass, myrrh, and rose, commonly using balanos or ben oil.

up to the first few centuries a.d., the egyptians were famed for their international perfume industry. though even the most poor had access to good smelling flowers and used them for fragrance such as floral garlands, perfume itself was a luxury item for the elite and for export. ancient egyptian perfumers perfected the art of making long-lasting perfumes that wouldn’t turn rancid and could replicate the same perfumes for the same scent each time. they had three methods of releasing fragrance: burning; unguents, fragrant ointments, or pastes; and oil itself.

if you want more information and to read the article i got this information from, here is the link: the website has more links and information to check out if you so desire to explore this subject further. take a look and let me know what you think!

favorite perfumes

had a nice little twitter chat with fellow classmates today. i posed the question “what is your favorite perfume?” i know…not a surprising one for me to ask–but the answers were interesting. gave me a lot of ideas of new ones to try! interestingly enough, out of about 8 respondents, 3 named different versace perfumes! only one other perfume or brand was named more than once–dior was named twice. pretty impressive! some other ones that were named: britney spears midnight fantasy, dior pure poison, lancome maige noire, lavanilla, marc jacobs daisy, & michael kors gold. so many to try out!!

so what about you? what is YOUR favorite perfume?!