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what fragrance to wear for fall/autumn 2012?


fall is coming! now only if the weather would cooperate… california really does have the best weather but lately i have been craving crisp, cool days where i can put on my new boots and a jacket and throw on a scarf to go outside.

speaking of fall that means the changing of our fragrances. okay, well maybe i don’t always adhere to this rule but with the cooling of the weather, the fragrances that are perfect for summer don’t always work for the autumn and winter months.

so what kind of scents work best for fall and into winter? for one, food scented perfumes with scents like vanilla or cinnamon are appropriate. Musky fragrances also work at this time of year along with heavier, spicy scents, an example being perfumes that have Oriental notes like sandalwood and patchouli. and don’t forget the top 10 fragrance trends for 2012, if you want to make sure you’re completely up-to-date on your fragrance collection:

  • ginger orchid
  • orange flower
  • tart guava
  • golden amber
  • green pear
  • spicy bergamot
  • root beer
  • pink pepper
  • leather
  • tomato leaf

do you have any examples or favorite fragrances you can’t wait to break out for the fall/winter months? i would love to hear your suggestions! i love learning about new scents and trying them out!


for the ancient egyptians, perfume was luxury



king tutankhamun’s alabaster perfume vase, displayed at the egyptian museum

the perfumes of ancient egypt are not a secret to us. we know what they used and have actual recipes for them. among their favorite fragrances were cinnamon, frankincense, lemongrass, myrrh, and rose, commonly using balanos or ben oil.

up to the first few centuries a.d., the egyptians were famed for their international perfume industry. though even the most poor had access to good smelling flowers and used them for fragrance such as floral garlands, perfume itself was a luxury item for the elite and for export. ancient egyptian perfumers perfected the art of making long-lasting perfumes that wouldn’t turn rancid and could replicate the same perfumes for the same scent each time. they had three methods of releasing fragrance: burning; unguents, fragrant ointments, or pastes; and oil itself.

if you want more information and to read the article i got this information from, here is the link: the website has more links and information to check out if you so desire to explore this subject further. take a look and let me know what you think!