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songs that smell good, part 6

hello there! here we are for the 6th weekly installment of songs that smell good. there are so many songs out there that talk about perfume and i’m having a blast digging through them all!

“when you’re all alone in your lonely room / and there is nothing but the smell of her perfume” – solomon burke, “cry to me”

there is something about the memory of perfume. so many songs that talk about someone’s perfume usually talks about it in a nostalgic, days gone by, lost love sort of way. this is song is no different. the singer is equating losing one’s love and his only lasting memory of her to the smell of her perfume. this points out the power of the sense of smell and how important it is in the people and places most dear to us.

“if praise is like perfume / i’ll lavish mine on you / ’til every drop is gone / i’ll pour my love on you” – craig and dean phillips, “pour my love on you”

the lyrics to this worship song display the preciousness of praising God through song. perfume has historically been expensive and for the wealthy only. this song implies that even if one had precious and expensive perfume, every drop would be used in praise because that is the worth of praising God.

“the time is right / your perfume fills my head” – frank sinatra and nancy sinatra, “something stupid”

this song talks about how enamored a man is for the woman he loves. he is so taken with her throughout the night, everything seems to be going well, and then he “spoils it all” by saying i love you. getting caught up in her perfume adds to the romance of the night and possibly even the reason he can’t help but tell her he’s in love with her, as if he is under a spell.

stay tuned for next week and, as always, if you have any suggestions for songs let me know! these are so fun and i hope you enjoy looking up the songs and listening to them as much as i have fun finding and posting them!


what fragrance to wear for fall/autumn 2012?


fall is coming! now only if the weather would cooperate… california really does have the best weather but lately i have been craving crisp, cool days where i can put on my new boots and a jacket and throw on a scarf to go outside.

speaking of fall that means the changing of our fragrances. okay, well maybe i don’t always adhere to this rule but with the cooling of the weather, the fragrances that are perfect for summer don’t always work for the autumn and winter months.

so what kind of scents work best for fall and into winter? for one, food scented perfumes with scents like vanilla or cinnamon are appropriate. Musky fragrances also work at this time of year along with heavier, spicy scents, an example being perfumes that have Oriental notes like sandalwood and patchouli. and don’t forget the top 10 fragrance trends for 2012, if you want to make sure you’re completely up-to-date on your fragrance collection:

  • ginger orchid
  • orange flower
  • tart guava
  • golden amber
  • green pear
  • spicy bergamot
  • root beer
  • pink pepper
  • leather
  • tomato leaf

do you have any examples or favorite fragrances you can’t wait to break out for the fall/winter months? i would love to hear your suggestions! i love learning about new scents and trying them out!


Imagearomatherapy is therapeutic. it’s in the name. using the essential oils from plants and flowers, it is used to positively affect one’s mood and health by soothing the psyche, healing the body, and softening the skin. though it dates as far back as 6,000 years ago, modern aromatherapy began in the 1920s when a french scientist named rene maurice gattefosse accidentally burned his hands and immediately put them in the nearest liquid, which happened to be lavender. realizing that it helped heal and prevent scarring on his hands has led us to aromatherapy in today’s world, used for both physiological and psychological benefits. these essential oils can either be topically applied (use with extreme caution when using directly on skin as most oils must be diluted with a base oil first) or by inhaling them. massages and warm, fragrant baths are two great examples of how they could be used.

the benefits to aromatherapy are numerous: relief of stress, headaches, and insomnia; an increased immune system; mood enhancement; calming properties; ability to relax muscles; regulation of hormones; and other holistic applications.

beware when buying essential oils that you are getting what you are looking for. make sure the bottle says “100%” or “pure” essential oil on the label. otherwise it most likely is a synthetic or watered down version of the product. consult with an aromatherapist before you make purchases you are unsure of. more often than not, it is beneficial to pay a little more for a quality oil. a few good recommended brands are aromatherapeutics, baudelaire, essentiel elements, jurlique, kniepp, l’occitane, and aroma vera. do your research and learn as much as you can about the oils themselves and what your likes are.

do you have a favorite essential oil? what sort of uses does it provide for you? what are your thoughts on aromatherapy? as always i would love to hear what you have to say!

here’s where i got my information from:

berg, rona. beauty. new york: workman publishing, 2001.

songs that smell good, part 5


here it is: part 5!

first on our list is dolly parton’s “little bird”: “beauty is a rare perfume / precious, yet doesn’t last long”

i enjoy the analogy that is made here. beauty is precious but can be a fleeting thing. it is like perfume which is precious as well, but it never lasts. it is a reminder of things that are important to us and how we should make the most of them, since we know they won’t be around forever.

“the perfume that she wore / was from some little store / on the down side of town / but it lingered on / long after she’d gone / i remember it well” – gordon lightfoot, “affair on eighth avenue”

such a common theme when talking about perfume, the memory of a lost love. it is a way to remember someone who had a profound impact on you. you remember them in many different ways and one poignant way is the remembrance of their smell. the idea of love and the way someone’s smell has an effect on you are very deeply intertwined.

“where we take separate breaths / and memories of your perfume / are forgotten / i stand choking on / the things you once said / the days once held close to my heart” – keepsake, “the art of collapsing”

again we have a memory of the way a past lover smelled. and the person is saying the memory of it finally faded and he is left in pain. the memory of her perfume left him in a sort of daze and after the fog lifted and he couldn’t remember the smell anymore, it all hits him.

let me know if you have any favorite songs that have to do with smells. as always i would love to hear what you think! comments are welcome(:

for the ancient egyptians, perfume was luxury



king tutankhamun’s alabaster perfume vase, displayed at the egyptian museum

the perfumes of ancient egypt are not a secret to us. we know what they used and have actual recipes for them. among their favorite fragrances were cinnamon, frankincense, lemongrass, myrrh, and rose, commonly using balanos or ben oil.

up to the first few centuries a.d., the egyptians were famed for their international perfume industry. though even the most poor had access to good smelling flowers and used them for fragrance such as floral garlands, perfume itself was a luxury item for the elite and for export. ancient egyptian perfumers perfected the art of making long-lasting perfumes that wouldn’t turn rancid and could replicate the same perfumes for the same scent each time. they had three methods of releasing fragrance: burning; unguents, fragrant ointments, or pastes; and oil itself.

if you want more information and to read the article i got this information from, here is the link: the website has more links and information to check out if you so desire to explore this subject further. take a look and let me know what you think!

smells aid in medical practices

Image  ImageImage

do you have a dulled sense of smell? this is a common problem according to dr. john briffa in an article he has written that you can check out here:

hyposmia is the medical term for an impaired sense of smell. mucus forming foods are a possible culprit. dr. briffa has found that “dairy products such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, and ice cream are some of the worst offenders” in regard to “congestion and a tendency to snotty build-up”. another possible reason may be a deficiency in the mineral zinc. These can be found in foods such as oysters, lentils, sunflower seeds, and pecan nuts. since most of us don’t get enough zinc in our diets, a zinc supplement may be a possible alternative.

this article talks about smelling out a disease as well, which is fascinating! a device has recently been developed by doctors at strathclyde university that has the ability to detect odors of different medical conditions. dr. briffa talks about a doctor his mother worked with who was known “for his ability to accurately diagnose internal cancer on the basis of a physical examination. this skill, he maintained, was based less on what he saw and felt, and more by the smell emanating from his patient.” so if it is possible to use our noses to sniff out illnesses, that brings up a whole new world for scientists and doctors alike to discover more about!

all of it is so fascinating to me. what do you think? read the article and leave your comments and thoughts because, as always, i would love to hear what you think!

ancient egypt and perfume



“wall painting of perfume production in ancient egypt”

egyptians were the first known civilization to use perfumes and fragrances. for the early egyptians incense, aromatics, and perfumed oil eventually became available to citizens. before then only priests used it in religious ceremonies. citizens were commanded to perfume themselves weekly and they bathed elaborately, soaking their skin in oils for pleasure (including pre-love making preparations) and for protection from the drying effects of the sun. egyptians gave such importance to perfumes. cleopatra was known for kyphi, the sacred perfume of egypt. preserving the body for the afterlife was of the utmost importance to egyptians, and during the embalming process they used powdered myrrh, cassia, and other perfumes. in the tombs where their embalmed bodies lay, egyptians put urns filled with valuable treasures, such as gold, along with aromatics, around the body because they believed it would all follow the body into the afterlife.

it is truly a fascinating culture for their usage of perfumes and fragrances and more. check out this website where i got my information from and they have much more to browse and read through about fragrances: