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songs that smell good, part 5


here it is: part 5!

first on our list is dolly parton’s “little bird”: “beauty is a rare perfume / precious, yet doesn’t last long”

i enjoy the analogy that is made here. beauty is precious but can be a fleeting thing. it is like perfume which is precious as well, but it never lasts. it is a reminder of things that are important to us and how we should make the most of them, since we know they won’t be around forever.

“the perfume that she wore / was from some little store / on the down side of town / but it lingered on / long after she’d gone / i remember it well” – gordon lightfoot, “affair on eighth avenue”

such a common theme when talking about perfume, the memory of a lost love. it is a way to remember someone who had a profound impact on you. you remember them in many different ways and one poignant way is the remembrance of their smell. the idea of love and the way someone’s smell has an effect on you are very deeply intertwined.

“where we take separate breaths / and memories of your perfume / are forgotten / i stand choking on / the things you once said / the days once held close to my heart” – keepsake, “the art of collapsing”

again we have a memory of the way a past lover smelled. and the person is saying the memory of it finally faded and he is left in pain. the memory of her perfume left him in a sort of daze and after the fog lifted and he couldn’t remember the smell anymore, it all hits him.

let me know if you have any favorite songs that have to do with smells. as always i would love to hear what you think! comments are welcome(:


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