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ancient egypt and perfume



“wall painting of perfume production in ancient egypt”

egyptians were the first known civilization to use perfumes and fragrances. for the early egyptians incense, aromatics, and perfumed oil eventually became available to citizens. before then only priests used it in religious ceremonies. citizens were commanded to perfume themselves weekly and they bathed elaborately, soaking their skin in oils for pleasure (including pre-love making preparations) and for protection from the drying effects of the sun. egyptians gave such importance to perfumes. cleopatra was known for kyphi, the sacred perfume of egypt. preserving the body for the afterlife was of the utmost importance to egyptians, and during the embalming process they used powdered myrrh, cassia, and other perfumes. in the tombs where their embalmed bodies lay, egyptians put urns filled with valuable treasures, such as gold, along with aromatics, around the body because they believed it would all follow the body into the afterlife.

it is truly a fascinating culture for their usage of perfumes and fragrances and more. check out this website where i got my information from and they have much more to browse and read through about fragrances:


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