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songs that smell good, part 4


it’s time for the 4th installment of “lyrics that smell good”! enjoy!!

“my pillow smells like your perfume” – toby keith, “blue bedroom”

this is yet another love lost kind of song. her pillow smells like her perfume, and now that he’s lost her it’s one of the memories he has from her. smell is an important way we remember other people.

“i want your perfume, all around me” – savage garden, “all around me”

there is nothing like being in love. and this song states the many ways he is in love and one of these ways is to smell her perfume all around him. the sense of smell is one that cannot be denied when it comes to love and the powerful affects it has on a person.

“but i know she’s been here lately / i can still smell her perfume” – brooks and dunn, “lost and found”

it’s another love lost kind of song. although this song doesn’t seem to imply that it’s a forever lost. he goes on a search to find the love he has lost and knows where she has been because her perfume lingers in those places.

hope you enjoyed these songs today. share your songs that are perfume/cologne/smell related and share what you think about these songs in the comments!


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