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fragrance trends of 2012


 “peruvian pink pepper berries”


there are certainly some perfumes that never go out of style *cough chanel no. 5 cough* while others seem to come and go with the changing wind. ¹ so what if you are looking for the next best thing for this year and want to know what the hottest scents are so you can stay in style, smell trendy, and stay on top of the all things beauty and fashion? search no more! bell flavors and fragrances have come to your (and my!) rescue. it looks like for the fragrance world in 2012, the theme is “the wild luxury consumer”. ²  though the world may be tightening their belts when it comes to necessities, it seems as though luxury consumers will spare no expense when it comes to seeking out more couture items, possibly more than ever before. so for all you lovelies out there wanting to know how to smell in style this year “you should note that there seems to be a shift towards more exotic and striking scents, as opposed to the softer, floral and woody scents of recent times.” ¹

bell flavors and fragrances’ marketing teams did much research in the arenas of both flavors and fragrances to gather this data. they used “product launches, industry regulations, world event, and unique new preference for the indulgent consumer” in order to present their findings and reveal what trends may be up-and-coming for the year. ² their picks for 2012 are as follows:

1. ginger orchid
2. orange flower
3. tart guava
4. gold amber
5. green pear
6. spicy bergamot
7. root beer
8. pink pepper
9. leather
10. tomato leaf ²

of course none of these fragrances are new finds; they have been used before. ¹ leather is particularly popular in men’s scents, which is not new, as burberry’s london for men uses it in its notes. ¹ and one that i personally am growing to love, pink pepper, “is fast becoming a hot trend and a common favourite in current and upcoming perfumes. derived from the peruvian pepper tree, the note has quickly spiced up rumours of becoming one of the lead scents in 2012 for consumers, manufacturers and perfume sellers alike. according to experts, pink pepper is reflective of the ‘mood of our times’ (as claimed on and is a spicy and refreshing scent that is perfect to kick off 2012. this warm and spicy scent can be found in perfumes such as armani acqua di gioia and gucci’s guilty intense”. ¹

and of course, we cannot ignore the ever popular new celebrity scents that are constantly flooding our department stores and perfume shops. celebs such as madonna (truth or dare) and lady gaga (monster) have come out with their scents this year. and of course justin bieber is still going strong with “someday.” ¹ It has been rumored that both nicole ritchie and kanye west might also be working on signature fragrances of their own in the near future. ¹

so now that you are armed and ready, you can spend those hard earned dollars wisely and choose something that will keep you stylish. but don’t forget: your fragrance is your own. choose something that says YOU and screams confidence!




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