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songs that smell good, part 3


here i am with the third installment of songs that smell good. i hope you enjoy reading these as much as i enjoy posting them!

“the way you smell so sweet, you know you could have been some perfume” -the temptations, “the way you do the things you do”

this whole song is absolutely adorable. providing details as to why he loves his woman so much, the singer expresses the way she smells and says she “could have been some perfume.” as human beings, smell is so important. the way someone smells is part of attracting another person.

“the night jasmine bloom of your hollywood perfume” -the pretenders, “hollywood perfume”

this is another example of the sense of smell serving as a reminder of a love lost.

“ooh ooh ooh ms. grace / satin and perfume and lace / the minute i saw your face / i knew that i loved you” -tymes, “ms. grace”

the singer comments on feminine qualities that he instantly notices and falls in love with. he sees her and smells her and knows how he feels about her. very romantic.

feel free to share any songs you know of that have to do with fragrances! there are so many out there.


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