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smelling the new frontier



whilst doing some reading for a special events class i am taking, i stumbled across a gem of a topic and i thought i would share it with you lovely folks. author dr. joe goldblatt introduces his readers to bob estrin, who has been creating technical innovations for over 30 years, in his book special events: a new generation and the next frontier, 6th ed.

estrin says, “when you first interviewed me for your book, i predicted that smell would become one of the most important and dominant of all the senses in event production. now, through the new envirodine studios ( enviroscents fragrance system, we are able to make this prediction a reality (pg. 295). smells like grandma’s kitchen, christmas morning, and a barbecue are created and bring back memories for guests that help set the mood of the event. goldblatt says, “[estrin] has used this new system to overcome negative smells in event facilities and also to stimulate the imagination of his guests through sense memory. according to estrin, ‘you only have to fool a couple of the senses to develop the illusion of reality, and smell is one of the most powerful ways to do this effectively.'”

this is exciting! technology is advancing and we can even control the smells around us in a completely new way. have you had any experiences involving smells at an event? how did it affect your mood? did you notice it or was it seamlessly integrated? what are your thoughts about this advancing technology or where would you like to see it go? share, share, share!


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