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celebrities and their fragrances


i must admit, i buy celebrity perfumes. i can’t help it; they smell good! and i know the people on the ads telling me with their attractive and familiar faces that i should invest in their newest fragrance. but as a person who aspires to get into the fragrance industry and dreams of having my own line, i have to wonder: are these celebs doing this merely for the opportunity to expand their line and make more money or because they truly enjoy and have a passion for fragrances?

in any case it doesn’t matter because they have the money to make it happen and, well, sadly i don’t have those same resources.

fear not! my dream is still alive! i’m going to take advantage of the opportunities i’ve been given and i will continue learning everyday.

what do you think about celebrity fragrances? are you thoroughly annoyed or are you a sucker like me?! or maybe you don’t care? share your thoughts in the comments. i would love to hear them!


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