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songs that smell good, part 1

i have been fascinated lately with how many songs mention perfume or cologne or descriptive lyrics about how something smells. it makes me realize how important our sense of smell is and how often we overlook it.

“i can smell your perfume through these whispering pines” -zac brown band, “colder weather”

“the olefactory sense is the sense / that most strongly evokes memories of the past” -sparks, “perfume”

“you can smell that french perfume” -great big sea, “french perfume”

“right now he’s probably dabbing on three dollars worth of that bathroom cologne” -carrie underwood, “before he cheats”

the previous song lyrics convey a range of emotions in the context of each of their songs. the sense of smell reminds one of the lingering memory of a loved one, one of memories past, one of a daring adventure, and one takes a stab at how cheap her ex can be, all using descriptive words regarding the sense of smell.

often it seems like our sense of smell is forgotten but these songs reveal how important it really is–and we may not even realize it!


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