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take a chance on chance

“a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” coco chanel


my very favorite perfume is chance by chanel. there’s something earthy and rich about it, but so incredibly feminine at the same time. i decided to kick off my blog by picking out what makes up this intoxicating concoction.

perfumer jacques polge created this scent and according to the chanel website it is “a constellation of orbiting scents. floral notes merge with sensual, sweet, and spicy elements.” a bit of everything! and after doing some poking around on the good ol’ internet, i’ve been able to uncover some of the notes in this tantalizing fragrance: it seems that amber patchouli is in the base note and there are hints of vanilla, pink pepper, and white musk. one of my favorites, jasmine, also creates the scent i have come to adore.

so if you’re looking for a new scent or something to spice things up a bit, i recommend chance!


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